Girl Talk Philly is a movement for girls & young ladies worldwide! Mentors link up with our girls & share their stories to help guide them in a positive direction. Inspiring Speakers, Youth Leaders, Teachers, Principals, Mothers, Fathers, Community Leaders and YOU are encouraged to share stories & life lessons with our young girls to help direct them to a healthy road of success. This program is a safe haven for girls, a builder of new, healthy sister relationships and involvement with community service activities.

We communicate and listen to our girls to understand the challenges they face in the world today. We want to help explain why Love, Education & Abstinence are good choices. We take time to discuss current events, neighborhood situations and most importantly host rap sessions. We welcome girls of all races, colors, creeds and religions. If you have made some wrong decisions and now want to get in the right setting to make good decisions, this is the program for you.

CO-FOUNDER, BEGIRL.WORLD (bGw) was started in June 2014 by Philly women who have a love for travel and a greater love for community. bGw empowers teen girls to think beyond their neighborhood, dream bigger than their city limits, and create endless possibilities outside their country borders. The organization launched on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania with a class of 14 high school girls. The girls took part in day long interactive and engaging activities that focused on career, humanitarian, academic and tourist travel. They learned about the independence, strength, and wisdom that can come from girls being exposed to travel.

The beGirls continue their worldly education at home with projects that showcase various cultures, travel tools and opportunities. In December 2014, bGw went on their first trip to Washington, DC, where the little ladies got to tour the White House and sit down with a panel of women that are active in personal and professional travel.

Leading in to 2015, bGw will grow to include a multi-media platform run by the girls themselves, several local and stateside trips, international cuisine discovery and all of the girls getting passports! All of this excitement will catapult us in to 2016 when the beGirls will venture overseas for the first time! empowers teens to think beyond their neighborhood and dream bigger.

LaToya Stroman
Photo: Khalif Moore for Muse Branding & Development